Jenn Bregman

The intrigue lies not so much in who did it, but why . . .

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    Publishers Weekly Review: Bregman’s legal thriller featuring a plucky solo practitioner fighting for the little guy should appeal to John Grisham fans. Sarah Brockman spent two years as a litigation associate at a large California firm before her lack of job satisfaction led her to set up her own practice focusing on representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Her compassion trumps her business sense when she gets involved in another time-intensive, not particularly lucrative lawsuit after she witnesses a truck strike a pedestrian in a hit-and-run. Six months later, the victim’s son turns to her for help; the truck driver, Paul Rodriguez, was sentenced to just a $200 fine, and the victim, who suffered grievous facial injuries, wants to sue. Sarah’s investigator soon finds evidence undercutting the ostensible basis for the lenient sentence Rodriguez received, his indigence. That proves to be just the first bread crumb that puts Sarah and her allies on the trail of a complex conspiracy. Romance fans will enjoy a subplot involving a male attorney whose message that he’d call Sarah “lingered in the air like an overstuffed mosquito.”

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