Jenn Bregman

The intrigue lies not so much in who did it, but why . . .

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    About the Author

    Jenn Bregman is a white collar criminal defense lawyer who has practi-
    ced in both Los Angeles and New York, where she worked on some of the most notorious cases of our time.  A graduate of the University of Denver and UCLA Law School, she was a member of Law Review while at UCLA and her article was published in the UCLA Law Review. She has also written for Los Angeles Lawyer magazine.

    Having loved to write since nailing the alphabet in childhood, Jenn woke up one day and just started The TimeKeepers. The main chara-
    cters had been simmering for a while, and when pen came to paper or, in this case, fingers to keyboard, the characters developed and evolved on their own.  Rather than adopt the literary norm of conceiving a plot and then constructing an outline for the story, Jenn let the characters drive the story.  She never knew what they were going to do and would wake up each day in quiet anticipation to see what would happen next; what mischief they were going to get into or what path they would take.
    That was the fun part, the editing came later…

    When not writing, Jenn is an adventurer and explorer who loves to tra-
    vel, ski, run marathons, scuba dive, and hike giant mountains, having summited 14,265 foot Quandary Peak in Colorado and “reverse sum-
    mited” the Grand Canyon.

    She loves her dashing husband, her, oh, so busy, five year old twin boys, family, friends, and dogs (especially pugs).  She enjoys music, especially Adele, Sia, the Pentatonix, and classical music, and remains a die-hard Broncos fan–which is definitely easier some years than others.

    She is a member of the State Bar of California, California Women Lawyers, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Gamma Phi Beta, and Mensa.