There is no escaping
your destiny.


The Last Hamilton 3D
Jenn Bregman

About Jenn

Jenn Bregman is the author of Publishers Weeklys critically acclaimed thriller, THE TIMEKEEPERS. A graduate of the University of Denver and UCLA Law School, Jenn practiced as a Big Law business lawyer in both Los Angeles and New York and worked on some of the most notorious financial crimes cases of our time. Always up for a challenge, she loves to travel, ski, run marathons, scuba dive, and hike giant mountains, having summited 14.265 foot Quandary Peak, "reverse summited" the Grand Canyon, and thru-hiked from Crested Butte to Aspen. She lives in Colorado with her amazing husband, always busy twin boys, and sweet Havanese dog Babalu.

About The Last Hamilton

3:23 a.m. A subway train. The screech of the emergency lever being pulled. Hellish silence. When Elizabeth Walker, the last heir of the Alexander Hamilton line, is tragically killed by a subway train in New York, foul play is immediately suspected. Elizabeth had been terrified, frantic, and manic during her last days, running mysterious errands, searching for a strange antique key, and sending cryptic messages to her best friend, Sarah Brockman. The morning after Elizabeth's death, a box of tattered documents lands on Sarah's doorstep, confirming her suspicions about Elizabeth's strange behavior and shocking death.


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